Shining your light, expressing gratitude and truth…during struggles too, it’s always possible folks ;)

Lisa Pellegrene

Hey everyone, My forthcoming posts I hope.will open the eyes of many in a positive manner, and more importantly their hearts so in terms of those with somewhat closed off/ hardened hearts, well maybe they wont be so hardened anymore, that is my hope for the world that all proceed with love for themselves and one another. It is important to have love and keep love in oneself for oneself and for others. When I was 5 I told someone very close to me that I was one of the openhearted, strong, determined, good people who would change the world for the better (well in 5 year old terms :)… more love, more compassion more strength, more gratitude, more respect and caring for others, human and animal. I’ve always held onto the heart based wisdom we all have as children, and we all can keep that well into old age…

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