If you are in need of effective Public Relations efforts… More info below, a couple of viable options!

There is a reason that after 15 years as……. a strategic consultant, my work in TV / Film (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2505762) in production and as talent (now directing/ talent too the “Peace, Love, Unity Dance Troupe” Web Series…ballet and hip hop http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5340678 ), my continued efforts as an animal advocate, my education and experience too in BOTH journalism and marketing, that I work in part as a publicist! The reason I do this work, in addition to all I do is because I want to use my reach which came to be as a result of doing inspiring work and as a “social media influencer” to ALSO help others effectively increase their reach.
………..My clients are also doing inspiring work, pursuing their dreams and doing work they love in their areas of expertise; whether that client is an author who wrote a book to inspire or educate others, other animal advocates who also protect and advocate for the animals and their need and right to be surrounded by love and compassion, and for additional non-profits too; and those who work as talent in the industry; or inspiring entrepreneurs, or musicians for example.

So if you are using your gifts to promote good in the world and need help to increase your reach, I wanted to take a moment to include one (just one) blog post about this. This being my work as a publicist, I take a limited number of clients, but I also have a weekly “PR Strategy and Implementation Class” via teleconference, if you would like more info email me at ideaanalyst@gmail.com. And first read the info below!!

If you are in need of effective Public Relations efforts… More info below, a couple of viable options!

Reaching out to additional talented people to determine who can benefit from additional positive publicity and p/r. I work as a journalist/ publicist, 15 years experience as a strategic consultant and work in TV/Film as an actress, producer and directing my first web series. I am also a long term animal welfare advocate by way of my philanthropic efforts, in addition to my work.

My work as a publicist to assist other talented people has immensely benefited others, resulting in wonderful things such as increased (positive) exposure for my client’s work (books, albums, companies, non profits, or their work in TV and Film for example) and also positive additional opportunities for the clients I assist. I do this through the implementation of viable PR strategy implementation and through doing so, effectively promote my clients worthwhile efforts, as well as to assist each client to exponentially grow reach and influence in their area of expertise. I effectively assist talent (actors, musicians, authors, etc), entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and non-profits.

The new stories I wrote for the clients I assist have been picked up by major media (in various forms – (print (magazine, online, newspaper), radio and TV), and I am successful at consistently booking additional interview opportunities for my clients. Media publications who have redistributed my work for clients include media such as the Chicago Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Lifetime TV (the Balancing Act specifically), high profile bloggers and New York fashion magazines such as Elucid Magazine, just to name a few.

Just a bit more background about me,

For the “7th Annual Shorty Awards” (“Best in Social Media”), I placed in the top 25 worldwide (in terms of nominations) for audience (online) engagement in the category of author, which was based on my online written content. I have about 100,000 organic followers throughout my various social media platforms which I have built organically and the only “publicist” involved is me! Doing work you love, promoting good in the world and being authentic to you is a good thing, this is what I do and what I encourage from others, all based in a positive, love based, authentic manner. Of course reach on social media grows from that! 🙂 In my PR coaching classes for example, I provide overviews in terms of how to effectively grow and engage your audience to effectively promote inspiring work, ALSO much is up to you to commit to working hard and promoting good in the world through your work.

Simply, an ancillary benefit to my core professional background and abilities, and an added benefit which helps even greater is that I am ranked as an expert according to Klout.com, in the top 99+ (99.99 in some cases) percentile in various area of expertise. I am ranked in the top 1% on a worldwide basis, in topics to include things such as expertise in Indiegogo promotion, Animal Welfare and work in the entertainment industry. Of course I am effective in promoting various inspiring content of clients in various industries, these are just the areas where expertise is indicated and calculated through Klout.com. Klear.com, another social media influence analytical platform, ranks my total social media presence and engagement in the top 13% worldwide. Again, just ancillary benefits for my clients when they work with me or simply take my PR coaching classes. I truly walk the walk of authenticity and doing inspiring work that I care a whole lot about, as well as causes which I care about immensely such as animal welfare. My reach and engagement in social media is authentic and true to me. I bring my clients a lot of other specific value through work expertise but these things are simply ADDED benefits which my clients yield to a degree for certain when working with me.

Back to the PR services, and very importantly, a logical first step which I implement for most of my P/R clients is to conduct a firsthand detailed interview, followed by writing a news story honoring my client’s work. I then send this out to a very extensive media list of 100+ sources tailored to your precise needs (individual submissions to each media source which greatly helps to improve results for my clients in terms of redistribution of the news story and additional interview opportunities with the various media sources). Effective P/R is truly the best (in many cases!) and most cost effective way in my opinion based on experience as a strategic consultant and my experience and education in both marketing and P/R, to increase one’s reach to perpetuate the work and efforts of inspiring individuals and companies/non-profits. It always results in more positive opportunities for the clients I assist. If you would like to speak with me about working with you for your PR/social media management efforts, feel free to reach me directly via my email:ideaanalyst@gmail.com.

My linked in page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisapellegrene/

A couple of links to work samples (many more are available upon request) include: Chicago Tribune – TV Show Daredevil’s Stunt Double for Charlie Cox http://www.chicagotribune.com/topic/entertainment/movies/jackie-chan-PECLB000927-topic.html

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary (my news release with distribution led to a pick up / redistribution of the story, the very next day via the Houston Chronicle, as well as a mention via image on AP, to the appearance of founders of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, on CBS Evening News (On the Road with Steve Hartman).http://rowdygirlsanctuary.org/animal-activist-who-led-the-way-to-turn-a-texas-cattle-ranch-into-rowdy-girl-sanctuary-for-farm-animals-named-vegnews-magazines-2015-rookie-activist-of-the-year/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2505762

Reach out via email or on linked in with your contact info (or of course to email as aforementioned) if you are interested in discussing the possibility of working together.

All the best! Lisa

ALSO, last but not least (as briefly mentioned), for those who would like great initial info in a group teleconference setting, my “PR Strategy and Implementation Class” is available each week at a couple of different time slots, for a nominal introductory rate/ (new clients only) registration fee of $25 per person, it is a group class so it keeps the costs down for many. PR Strategy and Implementation Coaching on an individual basis is available too of course at an hourly rate of $125 per hour of PR coaching/discounts on that available if PR coaching is secured in advance for increments of 5 or more hours.

In terms of the group class,  it is a 1.5 hour class which consists of a great deal of useful knowledge that can help others to increase their reach and do things such as obtain media interviews and build effective media contact lists should some want implement some useful knowledge to build one’s own reach. The classes can be a good starting point if you are not quite ready to bring on a publicist budget wise. If you are interested in receiving more info, pm me or email ideaanalyst@gmail.com. Includes course materials which I will email prior to the start of class and includes a 20 minute allotment of time for a Q & A at the conclusion of class. The group class via teleconference enables the cost to be kept down per person and helps many at once with a good overview of some PR strategy, again as an intro class.  This class is not a replacement for the successful implementation of more significant PR efforts on an individual client basis, but it can serve to provide a bit of immensely valuable knowledge as the baseline to assist you until you can hire a publicist. So, simply if you aren’t quite ready yet to hire a publicist…BUT need to get to the point of being able to hire a publicist such as myself, the group class can most definitely help! PR Coaching (Strategy and Implementation) on an individual client basis is immensely valuable of course, and can assist you in growing your reach through eventual media coverage, as well as engaging and growing your audience across social media platforms significantly upon the implementation of what is taught pr and social media wise!


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