Why “so called” heroics are needed in animal rescue and in life .. More kindness, more compassion, move LOVE is needed for all, human and animal.

Those of us involved with rescuing animals, animals who have been previously abandoned, and sadly at times  mistreated, KNOW the immense importance and need which exists to help them, where they can be surrounded by love and protection. All animals, every single one of them deserve love, as that is what they give. They know love, they know loyalty, they know compassion and empathy. They don’t have to learn it or remember it, they are born with it and keep it. They are here on earth to teach us; about how we, all human beings should proceed with love and empathy for one another too.  There are many animals… thousands, hundreds of thousands, actually  who are in shelters right now across the United States who need those of us with immense love in their hearts for them to step up and do what we can to get them into good homes, surrounded by love.

Also, the pigs, and the cows, chickens and turkeys, etc. (every farm animal) they of course deserve love and protection too. Humans can exist in a healthy manner, very healthy in more ways than one, on a plant based diet and a pig, nor a cow, no animal needs to give their life for food. They don’t give it, they love life too. Their lives are taken by those who have not yet awoken to the fact that animals are sentient beings and they matter too. They feel joy, love, and pain too, they are empathetic, intelligent and aware.  Then there are the elephants for example, who consume a plant based diet themselves, one of the strongest animals in the world, and their food is vegetation. Elephants take care of one another. A good example to follow. I’ve seen baby elephants fall and ten elephants will run over to help that baby elephant. And there are many other sentient beings on land and in the sea, who need our protection. There should be love for all every sentient being and proceeding with love which is true strength is how each one of us should proceed with everyone, love and protection.  What an amazing world it would be if we could all live in harmony, to co-exist seeing the value in every sentient beings life, human and animal and stand up those of us following heart based, love based wisdom to do out part and more waking up,  one day all waking up to make a difference, to protect, to love, to live and let live. Doesn’t every sentient being want that? Don’t we all need love? We do, we all do, human and animal. And it would be very good, necessary actually in an ideal world. for every person to remember the love and pure heart based wisdom in them as a young child and proceed with that loving heart, coupling the knowledge but proceeding by following one’s heart based wisdom, right from wrong. If its based in love, pure hearted love and kindness, it’s right.

Back to the (so to speak) “heroics”, why it’s needed. To me, it’s not heroics, it’s as it should be. What if everyone cared more, loved based best of ways, which is now labeled by some “so much”, and by a few “too much”. Kindness, perseverance for goodness is needed.  I remember at one point not encountering too many very kind people and I would actually thank people for when they were extremely kind, as it’s not always commonplace. And it’s like that, just as utmost “kindness” should be the norm, so should compassion and working advocate for sentient beings who cannot use their voice. They need us too. Everyone needs love, and to be treated with compassion.  We need each other, and to step up with love and true concern for one another.   Doing right and proceeding with love. But many view “going above and beyond” to help in a positive love based way as heroics, so for the sake of this post, I want people who remember their pure-hearted inner child to remember that there is strength immense strength in proceeding with love and waving your so called hero flag. I have an immensely important example which at the time I even questioned myself, thinking how much sense does this make, although I knew it made sense to my heart, and I followed that, with my wisdom (heart based) and mind to work it all out.

……This is when I rescued my dog Enzo, from over close to 3000 miles away, sight unseen, who I was told was growling at everyone at the shelter. He was “labeled” rescue only for the reason of aggression. In fact I was told (which is what they witnessed at the shelter) that he was growling and bearing teeth at everyone at the shelter, who even approached his cage. The rescues I contacted to help who were in So Cal at the time (I was out of town at the time and could not go myself… (thousands of miles away), would not even go assess him, stating “he’s showing teeth” “he is growling”. Some said, “It is “hard enough” to place dogs who simply have an issue with other dogs, or who are a little fearful”;  of course, they know due to lack of education from other people who don’t know just how loyal and loving, and kind they are (and they are loyal and loving and sweet babies, I know I’ve worked with many animals over the years, mentioning rottweilers as I worked with this breed for many years, each unique beautiful loving souls). Some know how amazing all animals are of course! Speaking of breeds that still sadly are victims of unjust breed discrimination  well it’s NEVER the dogs, it is how they are treated. The dogs proceed with love from the beginning and the only time they don’t is when they have been mistreated, and THEN! when away from the mistreatment and around love again, its PROVEN they go back to love, that’s WHO they are.  Any discrimination stems from unjust breed discrimination due to lack of awareness and education and truth relating to these amazing smart beautiful dogs …sentient beings who are so smart and aware, and yes SO sweet, again that is who they are.

Just like pit bulls, who were the original nanny dogs and “were” I indicate (they still are sweet loves, still “nanny dogs) stating  were JUST to mention how they were introduced as nanny dogs, to protect the family, look over the children, like Petey from the Little Rascals and my dog Pittie, the reason I formed Pittie’s Angel’s, to stand against unjust breed discrimination. He will always be the spokes doggie for Pittie’s Angels, sadly Pittie passed last year from cancer. He is one of the most loving souls I have ever met. So henceforth and forever more he will continue to be the spokes dog of “Pittie’s Angels” to stand up against unjust breed discrimination and advocate for love, as it should be.   I know he is looking over me from dog heaven, always near in spirit, forever too in my heart, and I must make him and many others proud and continue to advocate for love and be a voice, a voice which encourages love and compassion. More than make him proud, I must  continue with the immense love in my heart for all sentient beings and be a voice, a positive inspiring voice resonating truth and love. That is important.

Enzo’s story…back to this loving precious being for a moment, to actually show the clear example of why at times what some may consider “heroics” are needed. It’s based in love and faith, compassion and what I realized as I shined my light to advocate him, others began to be inspired, even the shelter director who had previously to euthanize him since he was “showing his teeth” at the shelter (before I used my voice for him, my voice mattered as well as others speaking up with love and compassion, I learned when speaking up in a good, love based manner advocating for compassion and love, it does matter immensely). I called the shelter, they could not send me his picture as he was scheduled for euthanasia. I asked to speak with the director, he described in a bit more detail what was described in the notes. And I asked this simple but telling question after telling him I have adopted rotties who were labeled “aggressive” and once in a safe and loving home, they are one of the  most amazing, kind, smart, funny, loyal, love, pretty much instantaneously back to their happy, loving sweet beings that is who they are. So I asked this simple question:

“What has he been through? What is his story?

Well, paraphrasing the shelter director, he said it was sad actually. Enzo had previously been left behind a foreclosure, left abandoned. He had no food or water. And then, animal control (thank goodness) found him, and since he was growling at them, they brought him into the shelter on a control stick and “no one could get near him” he said, he had been so traumatized. I said, “so he was abandoned behind a home for who knows how long with no food or water?”. I continued, “Then being petrified with no food in his stomach or water, he was put on a control stick and brought into the shelter?”. He said “that is right, that is the only way we could bring him in. He’s safe for now”, he continued,  “he is getting food water, but no one can get near him.” “He is traumatized” I said.Having rehabilitated animals for years, I knew he suffered from prior trauma he obviously endured, and that IS the only reason why he was growling. He is not presenting as his true self yet”. I said I would think once he is out of the shelter, and into a loving environment his fear will quickly subside and he will no longer “show his teeth’ and growl”. I asked him (the shelter director) if he would please give him another day or two (he only a short time, hours before i asked) to let me work to find another rescuer who was in town to go assess him for me and get him out of there. He said I don’t know if he will stop growling, I said I strongly believe he will. Please let me get someone there to meet him who is a 501 c3 reputable rescuer too. he said okay (thankfully) and I went to work to find a rescue. Call after call to other rescues, I got a lot of “no’s” or “cant’s”. This is when I reached out to a long term rottweiler sanctuary, a lady who has been (still is), for over 25 years rescuing rottie’s and saving many other dogs too.

So…She agreed with me in her no nonsense way (still very love based! = true strength) and said in so many words, you are right, he is traumatized obviously, “bring him here if you need, if you can get him out”to she said.  You are right when around love he will eventually come around. That is WHEN I formed the So Cal Branch of Mid West Rottweiler Rescue upon her consent, as I knew this lady knew the breed too and how amazing they and all animals are. But Enzo was rescue only, so I had to find a rescue and quickly in So Cal who not only agreed with me, but could get to the shelter to get him out and to safety until I got back. I did in fact find a rescue who would help me help sweet Enzo, a German Shepherd rescue, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue to be exact,  and a man named Gary, who was a big hero of the day. Long story short, thankful for the shelter director too who gave us a bit of extra time to get him out of the shelter, and who gave Enzo a chance, the day or two of extra time mattered, immensely. It helped to save his life. I remember calling the shelter again, talking to the director again and asking for ONE more day, after I had already asked for a previous extension. I needed a bit more time so the other rescue could get there.  We spoke for close to an hour and remember I was close to 3000 miles away at the time, and a rescuer for 15 years yes. He said Lisa yes one more day, but he has to be out tomorrow. He said we are out of room, BUT if I have to double up on kennels for one night only, I will.  I will always be thankful to the director of that shelter, he helped keep Enzo alive too. Gary got there and said he sensed relief from Enzo IMMEDIATELY upon exiting the shelter, and he said he DID in fact stop growling when he left the shelter and was safe with a fellow rescuer, around pure hearted love and people with immense love and respect for him.

…..Enzo’s name…well, I looked up Italian baby names, and named Enzo even before I saw a picture of him. I did not see him as in a picture,  until Gary sent me a picture that day, after he got out of the shelter. And by the way, the name Enzo fit him, just a beautiful love with paws the size of a small bear. Long story short, I adopted Enzo, and the first time I met him, he ran to me, wagging his tail, all 120 lbs of him, HE KNEW. They know, animals they are aware in ways that some humans, well many at this point aren’t tuned into. HEART BASED WISDOM, pure love, instincts, empathy, knowing what doesn’t have to be seen with the eyes but rather FELT WITH THE HEART.  The day I showed up to meet him in person, he knew me and he was expecting me. I know. No one had to tell him. He knew the one and (others helped too of course (Gary, etc), who fought for his life to be saved found a way to finally meet him. It’s how animals know and wait by the door sometimes 15 minutes before their loving families or loving guardian comes home. They know.

I want every human to remember you know that “idealistic” (not really idealistic, heart based, true, real, highly intelligent love based) child, each adult once was, think back to your little 5 year old version of you, DO YOU REMEMBER him or her? Beautiful right?! full of hopes and dreams and immense love for all. For starters, that is the love of animals too. Also, as I always say humans can learn from them (the inner child in YOU the one reading this) in this pure hearted sense. Don’t forget your inner child, love based, all heart, compassion like no other; and now an adult, make your inner child who has always been there and is still there today, whether you are 20, 40, 60, or 80 or 100..make your inner pure hearted child proud, and PROTECT that inner child which still resides within you, return to love, choose love.

…..As adults, the beauty which most need to realize or should I say remember is as adults, we can KEEP the love we have as children (its inside all of us, immense good), we can keep what some adults may call “ideals”, we can keep pure hearts and so much compassion, that is not “idealistic” its real and it’s right. kids know. Animals know. WHY do you think they are good judges of character. And now as adults, we can choose to PROTECT not only our inner child and honor love in us, but proceed in a manner as a “grown up” to proceed with love and compassion, where true strength lies, for all human and animal. That is true strength. LOVE is strength, remember your inner child, he or she is still there and wants love and wants you to proceed with only love, compassion and respect for all sentient beings.

So back to “heroics” think of Enzo’s story, how he helped me, how I helped him, our story. How following my heart based wisdom,  he was helped; and he helped me as I learned that much wisdom resides in the heart, trusting the good and a pure love based heart, heart wisdom, knowing what is right and just and doing my part to make a difference. And “our story” goes beyond us, the shelter director was inspired, he gave me more time to get him out. Gary, the hero of the day too, got to the shelter with 15 minutes left and got ENZO out, and then just how amazing Enzo was with love and respect and safety and happiness in his home with me and surrounded by good people who loved him, he ended up being excellent with every animal and was only a bit nervous around men in uniform for about a year. He overcame that (probably when he was actually first rescued, from the foreclosed home, but at the time he was starving and scared). The point is with love and respect he learned to trust again and then the truest version of Enzo quickly appeared, very quickly literally as soon as he left the shelter, he began to learn to enjoy life again and his joyful, love based self was abundantly clear. He went on, his story first and foremost, to inspire many. Many people who even previously feared “large dogs” would approach Enzo and he greeted them with love and joy. He was and always will be loved to infinity and beyond, forever. He knew safety, he knew joy. He knew the gift of life, that is why he was relieved the moment he left the shelter, he knew and always knew the value of life. As we all do and we all need love, pure hearted real love and respect.  He fought for it in the most positive of ways. Sadly, Enzo passed while battling mega-esophagus, myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder. One of his doctors toward the end of his physical life suggested euthanasia. I said NO. The doctor said “well if he was a shih-tzu and you could lift him”, I said who said I can’t lift him? !! I could and I did, and I stood by him to the very end of his physical existence on this earth, when he passed on his own, with me by his side and I will always stand by him and love him as love is infinite.

Enzo was happiest by his mom, me 🙂 and surrounded by other loving kind people and animals too, loved good food, long walks, and lived a long life being a happy guy and he taught my very young puppy at the time how to sit!

What I want everyone to realize is that everyone proceeding with love, and a pure heart can advocate as i did for Enzo. I think more need to realize and be inspired to the fact that if more choose to have stories like Enzo’s rescue (and him “rescuing” all around him through his inspiration) they can. YOU reading this, can make a positive difference through proceeding with love, faith and a bit of effort to help in kind, pure love based manners.

Those who do not understand YET that the breeds most UNJUSTLY, yes UNJUSTLY (not based in truth) discriminated against, please know this, rottweilers, and pit bulls for example are some of the sweetest beings ever. And even when subjected to prior mistreatment or neglect, once around love and safety and good people who know their value and pure hearts again, they return to love and happiness and enjoy life, fully in the great majority of cases. That is who they are, LOVING SWEET beings. When you doubt this for one second in terms of a significant possibility, think of someone like Enzo. And remember to choose love, kindness, compassion for all sentient beings, that is true strength and yes use wisdom, discernment and heart based wisdom. It makes your inner child proud, return to love, like children and animals know, “grown ups” have the answers too if they remember their inner child, a 5 year old with wisdom and love and compassion, the inner child still resides within all of us. Proceed with love, kindness and the utmost compassion.

The picture shared with this post, that is he (Enzo of course) and I, when I met him after rescuing him from nearly 3000 miles away, and yes, he rescued me too and everyone he met. Animals do that, they inspire, they are love, and we as humans, now “grown ups” can remember so much about love and honoring our inner child, still with us each day by protecting them and treating them with pure love, kindness, respect and compassion that they so deserve and couple all of this, keeping immense love, with knowledge and experience. Love is the answer. It truly is.



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