Peace, Love, Unity Dance Troupe (post of first published press release about this web series, hip hop and ballet!)

Actress, Producer and Advocate, Lisa Pellegrene Announces Web Series Based on the Unity of Dance


“’Peace, Love, and Unity” is the name of the forthcoming dance troupe with the purpose of bringing people together through dance, specifically ballet and hip-hop,” according to Ms. Pellegrene. Casting for the project will be held in Southern California and open to all on a nationwide basis, to be announced via in the coming weeks.


Los Angeles, CA, December 30, 2015 — “Creative,” “Innovative,” “Relevant” and “Inspiring” are a few words that came to mind when peers were asked to describe Ms. Pellegrene and her forthcoming dance troupe, which is the basis for a new web series geared toward bringing people together through dance for the purpose of peace, love and unity, as the name clearly states. Ms. Pellegrene articulated, “Think modern day ‘Footloose’, of course dance isn’t prohibited as it was in the small town in the 1984 debut of the movie “Footloose” when the teenager, portrayed by Kevin Bacon brought dance alive, but it’s the joy and unity through dance that I want to bring to the surface, only in real life with a dance troupe that meets on a regular basis, and to then share that joy and sense of unity with the world.” Currently Ms. Pellegrene is reaching out to her friends in the entertainment and music industry to identify choreographers for the dance troupe and forthcoming production. In terms of casting, Ms. Pellegrene indicated it will be a larger dance troupe and anyone interested in dance, whether a novice or those who have been dancing for many years, are encouraged to come forward to be considered for the dance troupe and web series production. “After weeks of perfecting the choreography, there will be a dance performance involving the many dancers who will have worked hard, while having fun in the process, so that they can show off their skills and demonstrate the beauty of bringing people together through dance,” states Ms. Pellegrene. She continued, “this will be at an incredibly beautiful outdoor location where we will have the space to accommodate a full production with many dancers.”

Maintaining Ms. Pellegrene’s stance on the importance of “social accountability through entrepreneurship” and in the world of entertainment, she places value on the fact that those experiencing success as entrepreneurs, or in the entertainment industry should give back to support charitable causes in an effort to make the world a better place and to inspire hope. “Social accountability through entrepreneurship” is a phrase she coined in 2005 while running her consulting practice, for the concept and therefore importance of “giving back” to support those in need. Plans for “Peace, Love, and Unity” include raising and donating funds to charitable causes. Specific charitable organizations, in terms of those where there is direct positive impact to help sectors in need, both human and animal, will be mentioned in various episodes to highlight their worthwhile efforts, contribute and to encourage others to support them,” according to Ms. Pellegrene.

Those interested in becoming a sponsor/becoming involved in terms of product integration for the dance troupe and forthcoming production may contact Ms. Pellegrene via email at Aside from her work as an actress and in film production, Ms. Pellegrene also operates an independent business development consulting/public relations company in Los Angeles, Idea Analyst and Associates and is a well known animal advocate, who has been vegan for four years. She runs the So Cal Branch of Mid West Rottweiler Rescue and a subsidiary awareness organization, to be a voice for animals most unjustly discriminated against, who are truly wonderful and amazing dogs. The subsidiary awareness organization is called “Pittie’s Angels”, inspired and truly co-founded by Lisa’s dog Pittie.


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